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Robert Brandy

Image Robert Brandy

To enter into the studio of Robert Brandy is something like what Jean Portante wrote in his text "Brandy: painting and its dual" open several seemingly disparate worlds: the collector of sport cars and the inventor of the double; And then our eyes peek at the work table. Consider the words of Jean Portante: "First, there is a desk strewn with white powder which caught the eye: blue almost Andalusian from flowing to the green and red, yellow too, and all nuances that evokes and provokes, scattered as if it contains the sum of all the tables already painted and still to be painted by Brandy. The art of Brandy could be attributed to a so-called "support-surface", the school, which impose on painter to be a total creator of his works including the canvas and making his own paint from pigments. It was in Aix-en-Provence, where he learned that. From Vincent Bioulès. And it is the only thing that has made him the Academy. Everything else, basically, it was drawn inside of himself.
"In Brandy:" The painting and its dual" Jean Portante

Image Ensemble intégré
Extraits of the book "Robert Brandy" published by IHP and the City Gallery
Lucien Kayser, Claude Lorent, Joseph Paul Schneider, Jean Sorrento.

"The (good) surprise for those who knows the work of Brandy are « bôites ».
These works opened on two sides allow for "multiple and inventive visions: various objects are often metamorphosed, pictorial fields are more developed than before, a combination of shapes and space plans with a architecture-sculpture-painting
view, to accentuate for the viewer the re-creation aspect of the world byhis own desire and his immediate imagination"

Image Composition Overcovered

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