Being abstract today not to give the influx of over-exposed images, this is the challenge. Isabelle Grangé compels us to ask us to look. We are at this crossing point between light and shade, still amazed that we have to wait for the eye finds the feel of a new acuity.
Earth and water did reveal never really separated the limit.
The precise gesture of a technical volunteer for the incantation that opens space: pigments land of Siena, ochre yellow and red, white, black, and water in which the battle between the mineral and water, n It is never won.
The light, between the protagonists and gives pervades the size of forces. We then take our measure faces a nature that is more that of a paradise, such as Barbizon landscapes or Courbet, Turner accents or classical Chinese painting.


Image Matrice
"An invocation of the landscape"


Isabelle Grangé does not painted landscapes, she makes them appear. From where?
Both of his own deep, its memories, its dreams and voyages, as those of matter itself, its laws opaque, its dense enigmas, its heavy secrets. But these worlds, so convincing, also present, not just obviously not alone.
They need to be a cause. That's why, it's necessary to have the energy, knowledge, skill, but also feel ignoramus. This is akin to trance.
Isabelle Grange rises the worlds, like a medium rises the spirits and a shaman rises its totem animal. So artist's interest to this field and this mysterious attraction is quite understandable.
Perhaps, this quasi-medium approach gives her works some intangible component, an enigmatic Fleur, which rises these landscapes almost to the level of astral.
Gérard Barri

"An invocation of the landscape"
Excerpt from an essay Gerard Barreri


Image Bleue
"Imaginary voyage"

Light. Isabelle Grange truly possessed it.
This young artist studied at the old masters, from Rembrandt and Turner. But also at Zao Wouki, Gerhardt Richter, Mark Rothko - the great modern masters.
Conceived in the brownish and bluish colors (sky and earth), her paintings further immersed in a deep black, shining, and in vibrant color accents.
Her painting of the best means to carry us out a trip to the world of imagination.

Jacques Bouzerand

Solstice de la pierre

Image Solstice de la pierre
An invocation of the landscape


" steles of light or darkness pure, upright as the face of accusations of landscapes that mix.
Vertical uncertain as a memento of human ...
Ridden areas, horizons cropped on the night inside. Listening sources dark contemplation in the darkness, meditation along faults.
Zozen on the edge of potholes. "

Gérard Barrier

Les Hautes Terres

Image Les Hautes Terres