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Engel Pak

Image Engel Pak
The painter, draftsman and illustrator Ernest Engel was born in 1885 in the town of Spa (Belgium), he was about 40 years old when he begins to paint, and moved to Paris. There, under the influence of disputes and the new artistic ideas, his creativity begins to weigh on abstraction.
In 1927, he, Torrès-Garcia and J. Hélion were excluded from the Autumn Salon, and Engel exposes his abstract paintings at  the "Salon  of exiled" . In 1929, after the rapprochement with former participants of the Dada and Surrealism he opens for himself this artistic movement, his work occurs a lyrical character. In 1934 he left Paris for 10 years and settled in Vahe. There he became friends with Paul Eluard, for a book of which "Objets de mots et des images", he makes illustrations. He exhibited in the Salon of the "new reality". Since 1953, he has refused many offers of prestigious galleries to preserve the "freedom". He exhibits his works in the south, in Paris and Belgium. Engel-Pak died in December 1965.
The first steps in the abstract art, bold experiments, and works of a mature style - сreativity, Engel-Pak has consistently maintained its strength and originality.

Image Construire

Image Folie bleue

Image Terres blessées
61 x 46 cm


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